About Rock Vinyl Revival

Hi, I’m Dave, I’ve been a rock music fan since I was a boy and I’ve always been very passionate about vinyl.

The first album I ever bought was ‘Pictures at an Exhibition’ by E.L.P when I was about 11,  just because I thought it would make me look cool! I remember it was 50p cheaper than normal albums costing £1.49 (instead of the usual £1.99/£2.29)

The first gig I went to was Geordie at Hyde Town Hall in 1973. As you all know, the lead singer was Brian Johnson now of AC/DC fame. Cost of the ticket was 50p!

I started selling records in 1980 and at first it was just a way for me to pick up records more cheaply than I could in shops . So I kept most of the records I bought for myself!  At the time this was more of an extension of my hobby than a business.

I’ve created Rock Vinyl Revival after a lifetime of buying and selling records, including on market stalls, in shops, at record fairs throughout the UK and Europe.

I’ve met many celebrity rock stars along the way and will share some of the more amusing stories with you all soon.

One of the most rewarding things has been getting to know customers old and new, and having many conversations about our obsession.

I’ve also appeared on radio and TV,  and written articles for fanzines and Record Collector magazine on various aspects of record collecting, music and vinyl.

I believe my lifelong knowledge, ability to find the right deal, and my excellent record of customer service will make Rock Vinyl Revival the natural home of all rock music connoisseurs.

If you want to know more, or just fancy a chat I will always be happy to help you with your enquiries.

I hope you enjoy my site and you will return soon.

Thank you,  Dave.




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