Art Rock-Avant-Garde-Experimental

Avant-garde music (also known as Art-Rock) is music that is considered to be at the forefront of experimentation or innovation in its field, with the term “avant-garde” implying a critique of existing aesthetic conventions and rejection of the status quo in favour of unique or original elements.
It makes use of modernist, experimental, or unconventional elements by aspiring to elevate rock from entertainment to an artistic statement, opting for a more experimental and conceptual outlook on music.
Its music was created with the intention of listening and contemplation rather than for dancing, and is often distinguished by the use of electronic effects and easy listening textures far removed from the propulsive rhythms of early rock.
Art rock is most associated with a certain period of rock music, beginning in 1966–67 and ending with the arrival of punk in the mid -1970s.

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