Guide Rock Vinyl Revival for Rock Connoisseurs Everywhere

The Definitive Guide to Rock Vinyl Revival for Rock Connoisseurs Everywhere

Vinyl records have made a comeback over recent years and rock connoisseurs can no doubt see its importance. We will cover everything there is to know about Rock Vinyl Revival here:

  • what it is
  • why it matters and
  • how to become an expert connoisseur   

for Rock Connoisseurs Everywhere

Vinyl Records Rock Vinyl Revival

Understanding The Rock Vinyl Revival

Rock Vinyl Revival refers to a renewed interest in vinyl records among younger generations, especially among millennial’s. Vinyl records were once the main form of music consumption but with CDs and digital streaming replacing vinyl records, their popularity diminished over time. Now however, resurgent interest is being shown towards vinyl records as part of the revival trend. *

Recently, vinyl records have made an incredible comeback, with sales rising every year since 2005. Rock Vinyl Revival stands out as an alternative way of listening that cannot be replicated via streaming or CDs. Digital music cannot offer this unique experience. **

How to Become a Rock Connoisseur

In order to become a vinyl connoisseur, one should begin at the basics. Acquaint yourself with different genres of rock music as well as its most influential artists within each. Research different eras spanning from mid 1950s (rockabilly/rock ‘n’ roll is generally regarded as the start of ‘modern’ music) up to modern day rock, exploring cultural and social contexts of each.

Once you understand the history of rock music, you can begin building your vinyl collection. Do your research and read reviews on different albums before selecting which ones should become part of your library.

Start off by investing in quality turntable and speakers; this will ensure the highest sound quality when playing back vinyl records. When purchasing vinyl records, always look for high-quality pressings over reissues which have not been well mastered. ***

Attend record fairs to discover rare or hard-to-find records that will add variety and depth to your collection.

Rock Vinyl Revival for Rock Connoisseurs Everywhere
Rock Guitar Rock Vinyl Revival

Some of The Joys of Rock Vinyl Revival

One of the key aspects of the Rock Vinyl Revival is its distinct listening experience. Vinyl records provide warmth and depth of sound that digital music cannot match.

Listening to vinyl records allows you to experience music as it was intended -one side at a time- without being affected by digital manipulation and compression.

Rock Vinyl Revival also has a social side. By attending record fairs and events, it gives you an opportunity to meet like-minded music enthusiasts while building bonds among family and friends through listening to vinyl records together.

Rock Vinyl Revival’s main challenge lies in its cost. Collecting vinyl records can be an expensive hobby, particularly if you are searching for hard-to-find or rare titles. 

Some original vinyl albums from say the late 1960’s and early 1970’s can be very expensive indeed. This is particularly true of the progressive, psychedelic and folk genres.  In some cases, such records can sell for over £1000 each.

Some of these titles have now been re-issued/re-pressed and can be acquired from specialist  stores like -RVR- for around £20-£30 each like the Battered Ornaments and Czar albums below.



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Be savvy. There are ways around this challenge! Search thrift or second-hand stores and garage or car boot sales for used records that might give you what you are looking for. Be patient while searching for rare records. Join online communities or forums where collectors share records they want to trade or sell, to increase your odds of success.

Storage can also be an issue. Vinyl records take up a lot of space, making it imperative that they are stored appropriately. Consider investing in high-quality record storage solutions to protect them from being damaged over time. Avoid storing in a damp place like a garage.

The Future of Rock Vinyl Revival

The future is looking promising for vinyl records as sales increase year over year. As more people discover vinyl records’ joys, we should see an uptick in production as well as increased efforts in the preservation of older albums.

As our industry evolves, new technologies will likely appear that will enhance vinyl listening experiences such as new turntable designs or improvements to vinyl pressing technology. Rock Vinyl Revival’s future holds endless potential for growth and innovation!

As is often the case, growth and popularity come with their own set of difficulties. Vinyl records increased mainstream acceptance can increase their risk of becoming over commercialized and less focused on passion and artistry – both hallmarks of success for vinyl records’ existence. Historically, ‘serious’ rock bands are generally revered over the ‘pop’ top 40 commercially created type artists.

As part of its authenticity, it’s vital that the vinyl industry keeps the focus on music and the experience of listening to vinyl records.

What have we discovered? That Rock Vinyl Revival is an impressive phenomenon that is only growing more popular. It provides an immersive listening experience that cannot be replicated digitally and allows listeners to connect with music through tactile means as well as nostalgia.

Becoming a Rock Vinyl Connoisseur can be an extremely fulfilling and enriching experience that allows you to discover more about rock music’s history and culture while forging relationships with similar-minded individuals.

Although there may be challenges associated with the Rock Vinyl Revival, such as cost and storage issues, solutions exist and its future looks promising.

No matter your level of experience in vinyl records or music listening, Rock Vinyl Revival invites you to experience its joys! Come explore its world.

Dave Barcroft 

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*1989/1990 saw CD album sales overtake vinyl LP sales for the first time. The early 1990’s saw less vinyl LPs pressed as they were seen (at the time) as old school technology with CDs being seen as the future. Consequently, many titles from the early 1990s are hard to find on vinyl and sometimes attract higher prices for this reason.


**Collectors also appreciate the sleeve packaging. Some have gatefold (opening) sleeves, booklets, lyric sheets and posters inside. Some records are pressed on coloured vinyl or as a picture disc

*** 180g or 220g vinyl records tend to improve the signal to noise ratio-better music and less static and distortion.  On the record below, the label shows that this is a 180g pressing. (By coincidence, it is also remixed)

Pink Floyd Animals 2018 Remix It

Pink Floyd Animals 2018 Remix It